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Keep your business running smoothly with Apica's IT Monitoring Guide. Our comprehensive guide gives you a better view of your digital services to ensure you are focused in the right places to guarantee they are always performing at their best.

In today's fast-paced business environment, every minute of downtime can be costly. However, many organizations only focus on customer-facing applications, leaving their internal systems with poor performance and outages. Apica's Ascent platform combats this by continuously testing the real-world performance of end-to-end internal user journeys through synthetic monitoring and load testing. This allows you to capture the health of critical employee workflows, including all components and third-party services that modern applications depend on.

Don't let legacy IT monitoring strategies leave your business vulnerable to downtime and poor user experience. With Apica, you can increase visibility, improve mean time to resolution, avoid major outages, and optimize infrastructure resources. Download our “IT Monitoring Guide” today to protect your users and your business!

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