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When you’re supporting mission-critical business applications, visibility is like insurance: the less you have, the higher the price tag when something goes wrong. With so much at stake, it’s no wonder organizations are investing in monitoring mission-critical applications. And that monitoring must be done through the eyes of your users. 

“Global Industry Analysts project the global market for application performance management (APM) will reach US$12 billion by 2026.”

You need the ability to check, validate, and continually assure service levels for every step in your mission-critical workflows – even for the most complex transactions and user journeys. And doing it at scale requires more than conventional monitoring tools can provide. 

Download our whitepaper to learn some of the most common blind spots in application monitoring and the challenges/gaps that today's conventional monitoring tools create. You’ll also learn how Apica’s Ascend platform captures the holistic view of your critical applications for visibility into any transaction or user journey from the outside in.

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