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Transaction monitoring has become increasingly complex as IT infrastructures mature and expand their connections far beyond traditional data centers. Today’s business transactions travel over service applications that often span not only traditional hardware servers but containers and cloud-hosted service platforms.

Conventional monitoring services often labor to keep up with the authentication and authorization (AA) requirements that today’s applications use to secure these separate platforms.

Due to the complexity and demand to keep up; many traditional monitoring solutions sidestep AA requirements that connect vital business process flows. However, avoiding AA steps opens IT security vulnerabilities that hackers can find and exploit.

This white paper provides details on how to avoid being Stung by the Three Bs through advanced monitoring solutions that secure transaction paths, complete with proper AA credentials. The three B’s of information security exposures:

  • Blind Spots
  • Bypass
  • Backup

There are no shortcuts when monitoring mission-critical business journeys. Instead, monitoring teams must follow the route of the end-user to close monitoring gaps.

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