In today's rapidly changing business landscape, predicting the future is no longer enough. The key to success lies in preparing for it. This is where applied observability comes in - a powerful approach to data analysis that shifts the focus from reactive to proactive decision-making.

The Gartner “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: Applied Observability” report says that "the future is not about prediction; it's about preparing. The value proposition of applied observability involves a shift from reactive to proactive. IT leaders’ highly orchestrated use of actual stakeholder actions, rather than intent or predictions, drives competitive advantage." Gartner further says "By basing decisions on actual stakeholder actions, rather than theoretical predictions or intentions, it provides a unique opportunity to drive competitive advantage through shorter latency of decision making and time to market, accuracy, and proactive customer centricity." '  as Gartner content cannot be paraphrased. All excerpts must be lifted verbatim, in their entirety, and appear accurately with all relevant context when speaking to the report.

"By 2026, 70% of organizations that successfully applied observability will achieve shorter latency for decision making, enabling competitive advantage for target business or IT processes."

Gartner recommeds IT leaders responsible for data and analytics programs and practices, it's time to drive proactive decision making with the shortest possible latency. Reframe the focus from "monitoring" and reacting to applying observability.

Download the Gartner Applied Observability report to learn more about proactive monitoring with applied observability. You will learn about its impact, how it is being used today, and how it compares to common visibility uses.


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